a leading manufacturer of high-precision components for military, aerospace, optical, and Power generation.


Townline Machine performs its own calibration of all hand inspection equipment per section 7.6 of the Townline Machine Quality Management System.  This Calibration is recorded using GageTrak for calibration records, capability studies, and Gage R&R.


  • Up to 30x Visual Magnification

  • Gage Master Comparator w/ Quad Check

  • Supermicrometers .00005" Capable

  • Niton XL2 XRF Analyzer (Material Verification

  • Various Bore Gages .00005" Capable

Inspection equipment

Parker Aerospace Self Release Suppler


Townline Machine takes great pride in the quality we provide to our customers.  We understand the true cost that poor quality burdens lean manufacturing with and utilize many six sigma practices in order to continually improve our processes.


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